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City of Bellingham, WA
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Water Utility

Public drinking fountain

Turning On and Off Service

Utility Bill Payment and Rates

Water utility bill payment information and current rates are available as part of the combined utility bill payment process.

Water Metering Program

The City Council has adopted a Water Metering Program  in accordance with Washington State law requiring metered water service on all water connections by 2017.

Estimating Consumption

Drinking Water Quality

Each year, the City of Bellingham tests its drinking water for over 150 substances. The City's water consistently meets all standards for purity. Bellingham Public Works staff operate a state-accredited laboratory where drinking water quality monitoring  is performed daily. See Bellingham's latest consumer confidence report  to learn how the City's water measures up. If you have questions about your drinking water you may find the answer in Water Quality Frequently Asked Questions (PDF). For more information please visit our Lake Whatcom Reservoir section or contact  Public Works Operations.

Cross-Connections Control

A cross connection is any actual or potential physical connection between our drinking water and anything that could pollute or contaminate the water supply. For example, food and beverage processing equipment, without backflow preventers, has the potential for backflow to occur and contaminate the water supply

Water System Plan

In 2009 the City adopted a Water System Plan.  In 2012 an update was started to complement and supplement the 2009 plan. The final report was issued October 2013.

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