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Storm and Surface Water Utility

Cleaning Britton Pond

Bellingham receives 36 inches of rainfall annually. Rain hitting the ground becomes storm and surface water that travels over our roads and sidewalks eventually ending up in our lakes, streams and Bellingham Bay. To ensure the health and safety of our citizens and wildlife, this water is managed. The Storm and Surface Water Utility funds improvements and maintenance of the stormwater system in Bellingham.

GraphStormwater Utility Billing
Rates, account information and payment options

LeavesStorm and Surface Water Utility Funding
How fees are used and other funding sources

Sunset Detention PondStorm and Surface Water System Maintenance
Reducing stormwater pollution to our streams, lakes and bay

Storm DrainStormwater Management Program
Compliance with the City’s mandated, national stormwater permit

Stormwater ProjectStormwater Projects
Reducing stormwater pollution to our streams, lakes and bay

More Information

Questions, problems, and emergencies with the drainage system should be reported to the Operations Division at the Public Works Department.

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