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Utility Bill Reduced Rates

Reduced rates are available for water, sewer and storm water utilities provided by the City of Bellingham. Customers are eligible for a discount on their bill if they are a low income, senior, or disabled adult living in a residence receiving a separate City of Bellingham water or sewer bill.  The following table provides the age and income requirements to qualify for a discount:

62+ $35,000 or less
18+ $35,000 or less and
receive permanent Social Security Disability payments

Rate Reduction

Qualified customers receive a reduction on their utility bill by the following percentages:

Household Income
Percent Reduction
0 - 50% of the qualifying income 75%
51% - 75% of the qualifying income 50%
76% - 100% of the qualifying income 25%


Single-family household income includes income from all persons living in the home. This includes income received from wages, retirement benefits, retirement income including IRA’s, social security, supplemental security income (SSI), permanent social security disability income (SSDI), VA Benefits, interest income from savings, bonds, annuities, etc., gross rental income, gross business income, etc. Copies of tax returns with all schedules and supporting documentation must be submitted. If you are applying for a disability reduction, you must provide a current (less than three months old) statement of eligibility, plus the above requirements. You can call the Social Security office at 1-800-772-1213 to request benefit verification.

Home Owners and Renters

IF YOU ARE A RENTER: and the Property Owner pays the water bill on your behalf, and you are eligible for this program, the Property Owner must also certify that your rent has been reduced by the amount of the rate reduction.  Please contact the Finance Office for further information.

Application Process

To make application for reduced rates, fill out the Application for Rate Reduction on City Utility Bills (PDF) and mail or drop it off  with a copy of the previous year's tax return, including all schedules and supporting documentation for all members of your household to: City of Bellingham Finance Department, City Hall, 210 Lottie Street, Bellingham, WA 98225.

Notification of Change

Customers receiving rate reductions are required to notify the Finance Department immediately when household income level changes, disabled status changes, the house is sold, home is unoccupied, or the house is no longer the primary residence.

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