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Crime Free Rental Property

The Crime Free Multi-Housing Program is an international program that began in 1992 and has spread to 43 states and 4 Canadian Provinces, and over 1,700 cities.

Although it was originally intended for multifamily properties, we find that owners and managers of single family rental properties receive as much benefit from this program as multifamily properties. 

Benefits of the program

Costs of Drug Activity

When drug criminals and other destructive tenants operate out of your rental property, neighborhoods suffer and landlords pay a high price. That price may include:

Crime Free Multi-Housing Program

Phase 1: An 8 hour seminar presented at the Bellingham Police Department. Once completed, a certificate is awarded. Details..

Phase 2: A security assessment is conducted by the crime free coordinator and minimal security standards must be met for certification. Details..

Phase 3: Community building via communication with residents. A property that has more than 10 units needs to have two organized meetings a year. If you have 1-10 units you only need to provide reference material to the residents provided by the police department for certification.  Details..

Once all phases are completed, and certified, the property owner and/or manager is eligible to apply to use the Crime Free Multi-Housing signs and/or our copyrighted logo for use in advertising.

Property owners and managers are also asked to use the Drug Free Crime Free Lease Addendum (RTF).

M 7/31/2015

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