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Fire Sprinklers

Fire sprinkler systems are the most effective means of controlling fires, minimizing fire spread and damage caused by smoke and fire. Sprinkler heads are strategically placed throughout apartment living areas. Activated by heat, only those heads near the fire will discharge water. Fire sprinkler systems do require regular testing and maintenance.

Central station monitoring

If the sprinkler system has 100 or more sprinkler heads, the system is required to be monitored by an alarm monitoring company for water flow and tamper. Tamper switches must be attached to the control valves. These switches will send a signal to the alarm monitoring company to notify them that someone is turning a valve.

If the fire sprinkler system has less than 100 sprinkler heads, lock sprinkler system control valves in the "open" position to avoid tampering by unauthorized persons.

M 7/28/2015

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