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Native Plant Trail at Maritime Heritage Park

Tall Oregon Grape

The Native Plant Trail travels along Whatcom Creek in Maritime Heritage Park and teaches visitors about native plants and a healthy riparian habitat.

Washington native plants are those species that occur or historically occurred within the state boundaries before European contact based upon the best available scientific and historical documentation.  A healthy riparian habitat helps water and wildlife by stabilizing stream banks, filtering sediment and pollutants and improving fish and wildlife habitat by providing shade, cover, food and places to raise young.

Visit the Native Plant Trail throughout the year to experience the seasonal changes of native plants and wildlife.  Please stay on the trail to keep this habitat healthy.


Evergreen HuckleberryEvergreen Huckleberry
Vaccinium ovatum (PDF)
Native Plant Trail Location MapNative Plant Trail Location
Locational map (PDF)
Red ElderberryRed Elderberry
 Sambucus racemosa (PDF)
Redflowering CurrantRedflowering Currant
 Ribes sanguineum (PDF)
Short Oregon GrapeDull Oregon Grape
 Berberis nervosa (PDF)
Tall Oregon GrapeTall Oregon Grape
 Berberis aquifolium (PDF)
Trailing BlackberriesTrailing Blackberry
Rubus ursinus (PDF)
Western Red CedarWestern Red Cedar
Thuja plicata (PDF)
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