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Habitat Walk at Lake Padden Park - Interpretive Site 2

Habitat Walk at Lake Padden - Interpretive Site 2


East side of Lake Padden from concrete boat launch to 3/4 mile marker.


Ecotone created by the interface between narrow meadow strip adjacent to seasonal stream, path and lake that borders on a riparian forest.  Relatively sunny area with deciduous second-level shrubs and small trees and groundcover wildflowers and grasses.  Seasonal stream is created by water run-off in early spring.

Habitat Value

Seasonal stream provides water, cover and food for Red-legged Frogs.  Deciduous second-level shrubs and small trees provide cover and place to raise young for Golden-crowned Kinglets and Black-capped Chickadees.  Pacific Wrens nest in dense shrubs and blackberry vines.

Native Plants

Seasonal Changes

During winter, deciduous shrubs and small trees are bare of leaves and groundcovers die back.  Bark of Red Alder, White Birch and Pacific Ninebark provide color, interest and texture.  Western Redcedar and Douglas Fir provide cover and shelter all year.

Creating a Wildlife Habitat in Your Yard

Use all levels of vegetation (trees, shrubs, groundcovers) to ensure cover and nesting places for birds.  Use a variety of native plants, especially those with flowers and berries, to provide food sources for wildlife.  Add water to the landscape with a small pond, bird bath, or rock filled with water.

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