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Community Gardens

Community garden plot

There are three community gardens operated by Bellingham Parks & Recreation.  The gardens contain a total of 195 plots.  Community garden plots measure 10 feet by 20 feet.  Water service, hoses, compost bins, rock bins and bulletin boards for gardening information are provided.

Two of the community gardens (Happy Valley and Fairhaven) are year-round, organic gardens.  Organic gardening is defined by the attempt to work in harmony with nature to produce healthy crops.  One of the keys of organic gardening is to build a healthy soil ecosystem through the incorporation of compost, manure, cover crops and rock minerals.  Therefore, no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides are allowed in these gardens.  Although not prohibited at the seasonal garden site, minimal use of synthetic chemicals is encouraged and must comply with state and federal laws pertaining to the use of pesticides/herbicides on public land.


Happy Valley Garden

Fairhaven Garden

Lakeway Garden


$30 per plot for the season, effective 2012.

Use fees for community garden plots are established each year, and will not be pro-rated at any time.


Returning gardeners may register for their same garden plots each year by December 31.  Anyone wanting new, different or additional plots can register on a first-come, first-served basis as of January 2 each year.

A gardener/household may rent up to four plots.  There is a limit of two plots per household at the Fairhaven Garden site.  If there are vacant plots after May 15, additional plots may be reserved for the current year's growing season only.

Contact the Parks & Recreation Main Office at (360) 778-7000 to check plot availability and to register.  Payment must be made in full to reserve a community garden plot.


Refunds for the community gardens will be given as follows:

Rules and Responsibilities

If gardeners do not abide by the community garden rules, Bellingham Parks and Recreation reserves the right to terminate the license of the offending user and reassign the plot(s).  Before reassigning plots, the negligent gardeners will be contacted by Bellingham Parks and Recreation.  They will be given seven days to resolve any violations.  If, at the end of this time period the violations continue, the user's rights to the garden plot(s) will be terminated.  It is the responsibility of each gardener to update their contact information (address, email address, phone number) as needed.  If the Parks Department is unable to contact the gardener, the Department will have the authority to terminate rights to any poorly maintained plot(s) without notification.

More Information

For more information, please contact the Parks and Recreation Main Office at (360) 778-7000 or email

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