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Public Process - Fairhaven


The Fairhaven Neighborhood and Urban Village Planning project was designed to compile, refine, and clarify the vision and the rules relating to Fairhaven into one cohesive, Urban Village document. 

The Public Comment page contains the input received throughout the public process:

City Council

July 2, 2012 - A second work session was held and staff was directed to complete the changes indicated by the Council and forward an ordinance for approval on August 6, 2012. 

June 18, 2012 - A work session was conducted and direction to staff was provided.

June 4, 2012 - The City Council  held a public hearing to consider the proposed (and revised based on Planning Commission comments) Fairhaven Neighborhood and Urban Village (FNUV) Plan. The following documents contain the Planning Commission's final recommendations and were submitted to the Council for their review.

Staff Report (1,401K PDF)
FNUV Plan (2.242K PDF)
FNUV Development Regulations (1,682K PDF)
Building Height Map - Staff Recommendation (340K PDF)
Building Height Map - Commission Recommendation (340K PDF)
FNUV Design Standards (2,216K PDF)
FNUV Design Review Process Changes (156K PDF)
FNUV Zoning Table (PDF)
Wireless Facilities (PDF)

Planning Commission

Thursday, April 19, 2012 began the formal legislative process with a public hearing before the Planning Commission.

The Bellingham Planning Commission also held four separate work sessions in 2012: April 26, May 3, May 8, and May 10. The materials for those meetings can be found on the Planning Commission materials page.

Additional Meetings Held

Several meetings have been held since this process formally began in 2010 with the two public listening sessions in December, 2010. The public process and documents webpage outlines the meetings that began taking place in 2011 and the documents associated with each one. 

Project Background

The Fairhaven Neighborhood submitted a full update (pdf)  that was docketed by the City Council in 2008 pending resources.  In 2010, staff was assigned to the project and a phased approach was developed to process the update proposal, followed by a subsequent urban village planning effort. 

February, 2008 - It was determined that this proposal would remain on hold, pending staff resources.

 During the Council review of the 2011 Comprehensive Plan docket, including a request from Fairhaven property owners (pdf) to docket a Fairhaven urban village plan in 2011, Council directed staff to expand the scope of work to incorporate an urban village planning effort concurrently with the plan update already underway.

August, 2010 - Staff was assigned to the project.

November, 2010 - Staff reviewed and commented on the original plan submittal, creating a "Blue-line" version.

December 1-2, 2010 - Two "listening sessions" were conducted to acquaint staff with the people who live and work in Fairhaven, and the key planning issues for the district.

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