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City of Bellingham, WA
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Historic Preservation in Bellingham

Hotel LaubeCommercial Buildings on National Multiple Property Listing

Find out which commercial buildings, within the CBD, qualified for the Multiple Property Listing.

Mt. Baker TheaterHistoric Buildings on National Register

Click on the interactive map to tour those historic buildings of Bellingham listed on the National Register of Historic Places. 

South Hill DistrictHistoric Districts on National Register

Learn about the historic districts within the City of Bellingham that have been included on the National Register of Historic Places. 

Highway 99Historic Highway 99

This virtual tour detail the architecture and route of Bellingham's former Highway 99. 

Lettered Streets BungalowsHistoric Resource Survey and Inventory

City projects focused on historic inventory and surveys.

Historic FirehouseLocal Historic Preservation

Bellingham strongly supports the preservation of local historic resources through adaptive reuse and other tax-saving incentives.

Additional Websites and Resources

There are many websites and resources that will assist you in your historic preservation adventure.
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