Prospect and Dupont Street

(Average Daily Trips in 1997: 8,000)

The scene in this archived photo from 1948 is of traffic conductor, Cliff Bullard, guiding the steady stream of automobiles along Highway 99 from Holly St. onto Bay and Prospect.

West of Downtown, more automobile based businesses sprang up due to Highway 99. In 1935 Prospect St. had Standard Stations Inc. Gas and the stores along Dupont included Bellingham Auto Top & Body Works and at least 3 service stations. By 1945 a tourist could stop along Prospect and visit the Bellingham Public Museum (today the Whatcom Museum of History and Art) get lunch or dinner at Mary's Coffee Shop and before moving on fill their gas tank at Boyd Collins Gas Station. Dupont Street offered the hungry traveler both a Safeway and Knoll’s grocery store and then a re-fueling at the Ninety-Nine Service Station (re-named Hi-way Ninety Nine Service Station by 1955).

In the 1960's the main branch of Bellingham’s US Post Office was built at the West End of Prospect Street, before crossing Whatcom Creek. The archived photo shows the Post Office when it was first built. Today, the moderately traveled Prospect Street does not seem like the best location for a heavily used post office. It is more understandable knowing that it was built when Highway 99 was the main route through the city.

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