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Welcome to historic Highway 99. Bellingham's history and physical shape have been influenced over time by the changing development of land routes that provided the city with ever-greater travel accessibility. From early pioneer trails to military roads to state highways, the pathways connecting Bellingham to the rest of the country have left historic reminders of another time and another way of life.

In 1966, Highway 99 was usurped by Interstate 5 (I-5) as the main north-south route through Washington State. While I-5 followed "Old 99" through most of the State, in Bellingham it by-passed the congested city streets, skirting the eastern city limits, leaving Highway 99 a route ridden with motels and service stations. The architecture remnants, lining the once-frequently traveled highway are an indication of a road rich with history and serve as a glimpse of the periods for which it was frequently traveled. Read more about historic Highway 99.

This site details the architecture and route of old Highway 99 by comparing photos from the1930s through the 1970s with photos from the present day. The above map illustrates the route and also serves as a tool to navigate throughout the site.

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