Highway 99

When President Woodrow Wilson signed the Federal Roads Act in 1916 construction of Highway 99 already under way by State Washington was hurried along. 1925 a national numbering system designated to all Highways even numbers were given east-west and odd north-south roads. 275 miles stretching through built with latest technology standards requiring that be at least 20 feet wide 5% grade maximum as Good Association had insisted.

Highway 99 carried the highest density of traffic in Washington state and served a variety of travel purposes. Growing up in Everett, Seattle resident Donna Thompson remembers her father using Highway 99 for "rum running" trips to Canada during the prohibition era.

In 1936 the Bellingham Herald trumpeted the completion of a new 21-1/2 mile segment of Highway 99 from the Triangle Service station outside of Burlington to the corner of Holly and Ellis that with its long straight stretches would cut time-off of the Chuckanut Highway. The driving time between Bellingham and Burlington was 50 minutes; along Interstate 5 today it is under 30 minutes.

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