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City of Bellingham, WA
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Bellingham's Historic Buildings on National Register

Explore Bellingham's history through its buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Historic and contemporary photographs accompany brief histories and architectural descriptions of each property.
Roeder Home Roeder Home
(1) Cornwall Park
  National Bank Building Bellingham National Bank Building
(19) Central Business District
Edward Eldridge Homesite Edward Eldridge Homesite
(2) Eldridge
  Leopold Hotel Leopold Hotel
(20) Central Business District
George H. Bacon House George H. Bacon House
(3) Eldridge
  Washington Grocery Building Washington Grocery Building
(21) Central Business District
Broadway Hall Broadway Hall
(4) Lettered Streets
  Daylight Building Daylight Building
(22) Central Business District
Immanuel School of Industries Immanuel School of Industries
(5) Lettered Streets
  Hotel Laube Hotel Laube
(23) Sehome
Roth Block Roth Block
(6) Lettered Streets
  J.J. Donovan House J.J. Donovan House
(24) Sehome
Pickett House Pickett House
(7) Lettered Streets
  Morse Hardware Company Morse Hardware Company
(25) Central Business District
City Hall
(8) Central Business District
  Sanitary Meat Market Sanitary Meat Market
(26) Central Business District
Territorial Courthouse Territorial Courthouse
(9) Lettered Streets
  Axtell House
(27) Sehome
GNRR Passenger Station GNRR Passenger Station
(10) Lettered Streets
  YWCA Building YWCA Building
(28) Sehome
Old City Hall Old City Hall
(11) Central Business District
  Morse House Morse House
(29) Sehome
Mt. Baker Theatre Mt. Baker Theatre
(12) Central Business District
  Old Main (WWU) Old Main (WWU)
(30) Western Washington University
Oakland Block Oakland Block
(13) Central Business District
  Alfred L. Black House Alfred L. Black House
(31) South Hill
Flatiron Building B & B Furniture Building (VECO)
(14) Central Business District
  Roland Gamwell House Roland G. Gamwell House
(32) South Hill
Barlow Building
(15) Central Business District
  Wardner's Castle / Hilltop House Warner's Castle
(33) South Hill
Montague & McHugh (Crown Plaza) Montague & McHugh
(16) Central Business District
  Fairhaven Library Fairhaven Library
(34) Fairhaven
Federal Building Federal Building
(17) Central Business District
  Terminal Building (Tony's) Terminal Building
(35) Fairhaven
BPOE (Elks) Building
BPOE Building
(18) Central Business District
  Larrabee house (Lairmont Manor) Larrabee House
(36) Edgemoor
        Herald Building
(37) Central Business District
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