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Comprehensive Plan

Since 1980, the guide for Bellingham's growth and development has been the Comprehensive Plan. The Plan is a 20-year vision and roadmap for Bellingham's future that sets the framework for the physical, social and economic development of the City. It anticipates change and provides guidance for decision-makers. 

The State Growth Management Act (GMA) allows cities to make amendments to their comprehensive plans once a year through the establishment of an annual docket and requires that the entire plan be updated every eight years. The City is in the process of updating its 2006 Comprehensive Plan to remain compliant with the GMA. The public will be asked to provide input early and often throughout the planning process. The 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update webpage includes additional details on the project and ways in which the public can participate.  

2006 Comprehensive Plan, adopted by City Council on June 5, 2006

NOTE: For information about the Comprehensive Plan contact Planning and Community Development Department. All of the documents listed above are available on a CD-Rom for $2.00.


Supplemental Documents

City's comments on the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Bellingham provided responses to the Whatcom County Council during the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan update process. Below are the comments submitted for consideration.

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