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City of Bellingham, WA
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Comprehensive Plan

City of Bellingham Aerial - 2009

Since 1995, the guide for Bellingham's growth and development has been the Comprehensive Plan. A comprehensive plan is a broad statement of community goals and policies that direct the physical development of the city for a 20-year period of time. The plan anticipates change and provides specific guidance for legislative and administrative decisions and actions.

The Growth Management Act allows cities to make amendments to their comprehensive plans once a year and requires that the plan be updated every 7 years. Over the next 3 years the plan will be undergoing the update process (PDF) to remain in compliance with the law. During this time, citizens will have the opportunity to review the proposed changes and will be encouraged to provide feedback and participate in the public process. See 2016 Comprehensive Plan Update for more details. 

2006 Comprehensive Plan, adopted by City Council on June 5, 2006

NOTE: For information about the Comprehensive Plan contact Planning and Community Development Department. All of the documents listed above are available on a CD-Rom for $2.00.


Supplemental Documents

City's comments on the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan Update

The City of Bellingham provided responses to the Whatcom County Council during the Whatcom County Comprehensive Plan update process. Below are the comments submitted for consideration.

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