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Building Applications and Forms

The following applications and forms can be viewed with Adobe Reader and most forms or applications can be filled in on-line or printed out to be filled in by hand. Visit the Permit Fees page for help calculating the estimated cost of your project's permits.

Before filling out an application, you may find the following documents useful.


Building Permit
Deconstruction & Demolition Permit
Electrical Permit (online submission form for commercial and residential)
Electrical Permit (printable commercial form)
Electrical Permit (printable residential form)
Mechanical Permit
Plumbing Permit
Sign and Awning Permit

Application Requirements

Building Permit Submittal Checklist for Commercial & Multifamily
Building Permit Submittal Checklist for Single Family and Duplex
Building Permit Submittal Checklist for Tenant Improvements
Deck Requirements (Residential)
Deconstruction & Demolition Handout
Demolition - Notification of Demolition/Asbestos
        (Submit this form directly to the NW Clean Air Agency)
Manufactured Home Regulations on Single Family Lots
Mobile/Manufactured Home Permit Submittal Guide
Racking Permits
Re-Roof Requirements
Window Replacement Handout

Administrative Forms

Address Request Application
Adopted Codes & Design Criteria
Alternative Methods and Materials
Building Height Calculation Worksheet
Energy Code Website & Compliance Forms (Single Family & Duplex)
Energy Code Website & Compliance Forms (Non-residential & Multifamily)
Fixture Count: Mechanical and Plumbing
Floor Area Calculation
Format and Design Standards
Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement
Plan Amendment or Revision
Registered Plan Application and Acknowledgement
Special Inspection & Testing Agreement
Tenant Affidavit


Banner Permit Application and Banner Permit General Requirements

Building Permit Extension

Extension Request

Certificate of Occupancy

New Business Occupancy Questions
Temporary Certificate of  Occupancy

Class B Electrical

Class B Electrical Program

Code Assistance

Accessible Parking
Accessible Restrooms
Barrier Free Access Ramps
Exterior Lighting
Handrails & Guards Handout
Retaining Walls

Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Investigation Request

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