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City of Bellingham, WA
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Map Layers

Map Services

The following map layers are available in the CityIQ Online Map Viewer (not all data used are owned by the City of Bellingham). Most of the participating datasets are either linked to their respective metadata file (xml) or linked to the owner's website.  Use the links below to learn more about participating data and please continue to visit this page often to view new map layers as they become available.

Map Service Name Participating Datasets Service Availability
Addresses Address Points All Security Profiles
Base Map Lot Number Labels, Block Number Labels, Long Plat Name Labels, Short Plat Name Labels, Parcel Lines, Water Bodies, Storm Mains, Open Channels, Tax Parcels, Federal Lands, Water Body Labels All Security Profiles
Buildings Buildings All Security Profiles
City Fiber Fiber Currently Not Available
City Properties City Property Currently Not Available
Color Elevation Water Bodies, Bellingham DEM, Regional DEM All Security Profiles
Contours Contours, Regional Contours All Security Profiles
Cordata PUD Cordata PUD Currently Not Available
Easements Easements All Security Profiles
Fairhaven Design Review Fairhaven Design Review District Currently Not Available
FEMA Flood Zones (2007) FEMA (2007) All Security Profiles
Geology Puget Sound Geology Currently Not Available
Latecomers Latecomers Currently Not Available
Neighborhood Labels Neighborhood Name Labels All Security Profiles
Neighborhoods Neighborhoods All Security Profiles
Parcel Labels Lot Number Labels, Block Number Labels, Long Plat Name Labels, Short Plat Name Labels Currently Not Available
Parcel Numbers Quarter Sections, Tax Parcels, Buildings Currently Not Available
Places Schools, Fire Stations, Buildings, Parks, Tax Parcels, City/UGA Limits, Washington Cities, Washington Counties All Security Profiles
Sewer Basins Sewer Basins Currently Not Available
Sewer Utility Sewer Catch Basins, Sewer Clean Outs, Sewer Manholes, Sewer Fittings, Sewer Network Structures, Sewer Discharge Points, Sewer Service Lines, Sewer Lateral Points, Sewer Gravity Mains, Sewer Pressurized Mains All Security Profiles
Sewer Utility Labels Sewer Clean Outs, Sewer Network Structures, Sewer Manholes, Sewer Gravity Mains, Sewer Pressurized Mains Currently Not Available
Soils Soils Currently Not Available
Steep Slopes Slope Percent Currently Not Available
Storm Utility Storm Catch Basins, Storm Clean Outs, Storm Manholes, Storm Fittings, Detention Basins, Storm Pipe Ends Storm Lateral Lines, Storm Mains, Storm Open Channels All Security Profiles
Storm Utility Labels Water Body Labels, Storm Mains Detention Basins, Storm Lateral Lines, Storm Open Channels, Water Bodies Currently Not Available
Street Name Labels Washington Roads, Street Centerlines, Interstate 5, County Roads All Security Profiles
Terrain Lake Hillshade, LIDAR Bare Earth Model Shaded Relief, Bellingham Shaded Relief, NW Washington/Lower BC Shaded Relief All Security Profiles
Transportation Trails, Railroads, Bridges, Washington Roads, Street Centerlines, Interstate 5, County Roads, Street Polygons, Alleys, Washington Ferries, Driveways All Security Profiles
Utility Service Zone Utility Service Zones Currently Not Available
Water Utility Water Customers, Water Lateral Lines, Water Control Valves, Hydrants, Water Network Structure, Water Service Valves, Water Fittings, Water Mains, Water System Valves All Security Profiles
Water Utility Detail Labels Water Control Valves, Water Customers, Hydrants, Water Service Valves, Water System Valves Currently Not Available
Water Utility Labels Water Mains, Water Lateral Lines Currently Not Available
Watersheds Watersheds, Watershed Sub-Basins All Security Profiles
Wetlands Wetlands 1992 Inventory, Wetlands Site Specific Delineation, Wetlands NWI Inventory, Wetlands 2003 Inventory Currently Not Available
Whatcom County Parcel Whatcom County Parcels Currently Not Available
Whatcom County Zoning Whatcom County Zoning Comprehensive Plan Currently Not Available
Zoning Zoning Sub-Areas All Security Profiles
Zoning Labels Zoning Sub-Area Labels Currently Not Available
2002 Photo 2002 Aerials All Security Profiles
2008 Spring Photo (May) Marine Water Mask, 2008 Spring Aerials All Security Profiles
2008 Winter Photo (Feb/Mar) 2008 Winter Aerials All Security Profiles
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