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City of Bellingham, WA
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Data Description

Topographic Data contains data commonly used in compilation of a topographic map. Includes layers depicting physical geography such as contours, shaded relief, and slopes. Also contains "hardscape" layers depicting man-made features such as buildings and docks. The data has been symbolized and color coded  with mapping parameters conveniently pre-set.

Layer File Details*

Five Foot Contours  (metadata)
Description: Topographic elevation contours at 5 foot intervals, with 25 foot index contours. Derived from 2002 photogrammetric data. Vertical accuracy is +/- 2.5 feet in non-forested areas. City of Bellingham vertical datum. Extent of data is a rectangular area covering the City, and Urban Growth Area.
Symbology: 25 foot index contours are symbolized with a bold, dark brown line symbol. 5 foot supplemental contours are symbolized with a narrow, light brown line symbol.
Labels: Labels are displayed based on the “CONTOUR” field showing the elevation value. A definition query shows only labels for 25 foot index contours that are longer than 1,000 feet. Label features are turned OFF for this feature class and will not turn on automatically upon bringing into your project.
Definition Query: None

*Layer files are only included with the GDB download.

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