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City of Bellingham, WA
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Cartographic Data

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Data Description

Cartographic Data contains data used for cartographic purposes. These include buildings, parks, forests and street polygons. The data has been symbolized and color coded with mapping parameters conveniently pre-set.

Layer File Details*

Buildings  (metadata)
Description: This polygon feature class represents building footprints within and around the City of Bellingham City Limits. These polygons were digitized from aerial photography (updated as new imagery is acquired). The attributes for this data include year of photography, type (Public, etc...), and a variety of building square footage attributes from the County Assessor’s Building Details file.
Symbology: This polygon feature class is symbolized based on the "TYPE" field. Public buildings are symbolized as a medium brown color polygon and all other buildings are symbolized as a light tan color polygon.
Labels: None
Definition Query: None

Cartographic Parks  (metadata)
Description:  Parks is a polygon dataset that shows parks areas primarily for cartographic and landmark recognition purposes.
Symbology: Parks are symbolized as green filled polygons. In the table of contents, these are labeled as "Cartographic Parks".
Labels: Labels are displayed based on the park name in green with a light green halo for better visibility. The "Label Features" option is NOT selected so they are not displayed when you bring them into your project.
Definition Query: None

Docks  (metadata)
Description: Polygon representation of docks, piers, and marina slips around Bellingham Bay, Squalicum Harbor, Fairhaven, and Lake Whatcom.
Symbology:Polygons are shaded white with a thin blue outline.
Labels: None
Definition Query:  None

Forest  (metadata)
Description: Forest vegetation polygons for Bellingham & environs. Digitized from 2002 air photos, includes areas of continuous canopy cover, as well as smaller groupings of trees and large canopy single trees. Selected areas updated using 2004 and 2006 air photos.
Symbology: Polygons shaded with olive green, a thin grey outline, and 25% transparency.
Labels: None
Definition Query: FOREST = 1

Street Polygons  (metadata)
Description: This layer depicts a polygon feature class of travelled ways found within and around the City Limits.
Symbology: Street polygons are displayed based on the "TYPE" field.
Labels: Labels are set to display based on the "TYPE" field.  Labels are depicted as black text. By default, the "Label Features" option is deselected so they will be off when you bring them into your project.
Definition Query: "TYPE" <> 'AIRPORT' 

*Layer files are only included with the GDB download.

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