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City of Bellingham, WA
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City of Bellingham Aerial Photos 2004 Color-Infrared

Section of City of Bellingham in color infra-red

These photos were taken on June 16, 2004. The on-the-ground pixel resolution of the images is approximately 2 feet, and the images are rectified to within about 2 feet of existing survey control in the City and about 5 feet of existing survey control in the Lake Whatcom Watershed. The West half of the imagery (covering the salwater shoreline) was flown at a minus 1.7 to minus 1.9 low tide. The near-infrared part of the electromagnetic spectrum reflects very strongly from objects with photo-synthetic pigment (vegetation). This makes color-infrared imagery very useful for classifying plant communities, delineating wetlands, and estimating impervious surfaces. If you choose to download the image files via FTP and plan to use them in the GIS environment make sure to download the "world" file for each image (the files with "jgw" extensions). Normal color copies of the images are also available.

Use the map below to choose a section of the grid and then click on it to download the corresponding aerial photograph. 

File Size Warning: Each of these images are approximately 7,000K in size. It may take a long time to download each image. For more information please contact the Planning Division.


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