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Community Development Block Grant - Recovery


The City of Bellingham received a $227,522.00.00 supplemental Community Development Block Grant (CDBG-R) from HUD, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). The purpose of these funds are to stimulate the economy through measures to modernize the Nation's infrastructure, to improve energy efficiency, and to expand education opportunities and access to health care.

The CDBG-R fund will be will have different tracking and reporting requirements; therefore it will be kept separate from the current rehabilitation funding program.

Total CDBG-R Funding:  $227,522.00

     CDBG-R Rehabilitation Project Funding: $154,078.00

     CDBG-R Rehab Activity Delivery Funding: 50,692.00

     CDBG-R Administration Funding (10%): $22,752.00

     Other ARRA Funds: None 

This grant will provide supplemental funding to the City's current Home Rehabilitation Program and will be used in conjunction with the Opportunity Council's weatherization program. The average cost of rehabilitation over and above the weatherization has been estimated at approximately $20,000.00 per unit; however through this partnership, the City and the Opportunity Council will be able to assist about 8-9 homes throughout Whatcom County in receiving energy efficient upgrades and other home rehabilitation that meets code or local housing standards.

The use of the CBDG-R funds will address the ARRA Recovery Act by:

  1. Preserving and creating jobs and promoting economic recovery.
    • Approximately one full-time job, associated with the delivery of the rehabilitation and weatherization program; and 8-10 part-time construction jobs, associated with the physical rehabilitation or weatherization of housing, will be created or retained.
  2. Assisting those most impacted by the recession.
    • Through rehabilitation to homes occupied by low and moderate households, the provision of weatherization and energy efficiency upgrades has a direct benefit by reducing shelter and living expenses.
  3. Providing the investment needed to increase economic efficiency.
    • Local governmental agencies and businesses are striving to conserve energy resources for future economic development of the area. The investment to upgrade weatherization in homes will help to achieve this goal by enhancing local energy efficiency and utilizing sustainable green energy resources.
  4. Investing in transportation, environmental protection, or other infrastructures that will provide long-term economic benefits.
    • Through weatherization, the reduction in energy demand and shelter costs will allow for additional educational opportunities, enhanced healthcare, capital purchases (auto, furniture, etc.) and the increased quality of life.
  5. Fostering energy independence.
    • The investment of CDBG-R funds to upgrade weatherization and energy efficiency of homes occupied by low and moderate-income household, which are often the least likely to be weatherized, will reduce the local demand for energy.

M 9/9/2015

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