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Reduce Stormwater Pollution

Reduce stormwater pollution

You can prevent polluted runoff from leaving your site by keeping outdoor areas as clean as possible. Sweep outdoor areas frequently; never wash or hose down pavement unless you can capture all the wash water. Wash vehicles and equipment inside over a drain that leads to the sanitary sewer. Regularly clean and maintain storm drains and other facilities on your site so they continue to function effectively.

drainsMaintaining Stormwater Drains and Facilities
Video and print guides to help at your site

vehicle washingWashing Vehicles and Equipment
Send water to the sanitary sewer

pressure washingPressure Washing
Capture and collect all waste water

material storageStoring Materials Outside
Securely confine the contents


More Information

For printed copies of fact sheets and other resources, or for more information, contact or 778-7800.

For business-related stormwater resources, trainings, and more, visit the Washington Stormwater Center.

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