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City of Bellingham, WA
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Watershed Challenges

Current and historical uses and activities in the watershed result in numerous challenges.

Storm Drain


Stormwater can carry pollutants from our properties and roads to the lake

Phosphorus ProblemNutrients

Excess nutrients create conditions for large algae blooms that impact water quality


Fecal coliform bacteria from animal waste impacts water quality

Zebra MusselsAquatic Invasive Species

Invaders can impact infrastructure, health and native species

M 8/26/2015

MetalsHeavy Metal Pollution

Heavy metals can affect water quality and human health

Gas CanHydrocarbons

Oil, grease, and gasoline can impact our drinking water

Toxic ChemicalsPesticides

Products can be toxic to fish, wildlife, and humans

Earth from SpaceClimate Change

A changing climate may result in even more challenges
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