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McAtee-Wells Preserve


The McAtee property (.37 acres) and the Wells property (4.23 acres) sit side-by-side at the end of Ann Court, and below a water district pipeline corridor, in the Geneva area. They were purchased within six months of each other in the early days of the Watershed Property Acquisition Program. This preserve represents the program's focus on typical urban lots with high-density potential, located near streams and wetlands where flows can impact the lake and stormwater systems.

The two parcels are moderately sloping tracts covered with grass, blackberries and Scotch broom, as well as evergreen forest on the westerly portion of the Wells land. Under city ownership, invasive foliage was removed from both parcels and the area was replanted and restored. Now the Preserve has a flourishing mix of new saplings and native vegetation, creating a prime study site for the nearby Waldorf School outdoor education program.

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 Alder Slope Ann Court Access Driveway Encroachment Replant Property Boundary Restoration Water District Boundary Location Map

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