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Aquatic Invasive Species Program

Boat Propeller

The Lake Whatcom Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Program is a comprehensive program designed to guide aquatic invasive species prevention, monitoring, and response efforts in the Lake Whatcom Watershed. (Ordinance 20013-04-022)  Lake Samish has been added by Whatcom County Ordinance.

AIS PermitBoat Inspections and Permits
All watercraft are required to be inspected for AIS and to display a valid AIS permit sticker prior to launching in Lake Whatcom or Lake Samish this boating season.

ClamsAquatic Invasive Species
What you can do to keep Lake Whatcom clean and healthy

MonitoringAIS Monitoring
City and County efforts to confirm and respond to reports of new infestations.

Resources for understanding rules and regulations, other programs and Frequently Asked Questions.

Asian Clam strategies for response.

More Information

LWMP AIS Report 2014 (PDF)
AIS Boat Inspection Brochure 2014 (PDF)
AIS Boat Inspection Brochure 2013 (PDF)
AIS Boat Inspection Frequently Asked Questions 2014 (PDF)
AIS Boat Inspection Hotline 360-778-7975.

Please contact the Environmental Resources Division of the Public Works Department if you would like more information about Lake Whatcom and its programs.

M 8/24/2015

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