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Agate Bay Preserve


The 480-acre Agate Bay Preserve covers much of north Lake Whatcom's Agate Bay peninsula. A thick forest canopy of evergreen and broadleaf trees surrounds three major drainage ravines. From the preserve's stone cliffs and gentle valleys and open fields, to its small streams, ponds, towering firs, cedars, and aged maples, the varied terrain and vegetation provide important contributions to the local ecosystem.

Agate Bay Preserve allows for sweeping lake views from a few sun-exposed hillsides, while scattered below are more subtle results of the City's watershed conservation efforts. Large areas of reforestation now cover lands which were once logged or farmed and crisscrossed with access corridors. The removal of invasive species, roads, old foundations and culverts, are transforming this area to a balanced, native woodland. This expansive acreage with its proximity to other protected lands and an abundance of natural habitat, make the Agate Bay Preserve an outstanding water quality asset.

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