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Lake Whatcom Reservoir

Lake Whatcom

The Lake Whatcom Reservoir is the source of drinking water to over 95,000 people in Whatcom County, including the 87,700 served by the City of Bellingham. The health of this tremendously important resource is declining, and at a pace that is faster than expected.

Storm DarinWatershed Challenges
Stormwater runoff, nutrients, aquatic invasive species and more

DogStewardship Solutions
What you can do to keep Lake Whatcom clean and healthy

ProgramsPrograms and Projects
City and County efforts to protect the lake

MalletRules and Regulations
Resources for understanding rules and regulations in the Lake Whatcom watershed

Lake WhatcomAbout Lake Whatcom Reservoir 
Lake facts, water quality, fish and wildlife, water supply and treatment

More Information

Please contact the Environmental Resources Division of the Public Works Department if you would like more information about Lake Whatcom and its programs.

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