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Sharing Our Watershed - Water and Me

School Programs

The Public Works Department offers a water education program centered on watersheds and the water treatment process from Mt. Baker to Bellingham Bay. The curriculum is designed for 5th grade students.

Sharing our Watersheds focuses on:

Part I - Classroom Visit (1hour)

Students are introduced to watersheds and our connection to the water cycle. They are challenged to build their own city, provide water to citizens and make sure the water is cleaned and returned to the environment to be used again. In addition, students become Lake Whatcom Investigators, discovering the unique features of our drinking water source. Students receive their Sharing Our Watersheds science journal and a Lake Whatcom Watershed Map.

Part II - Videos and Map Activities (1 hour)

Prior to the fieldtrip, students view the video Go with the Flow to introduce them to Bellingham’s water system, previewing what they will experience on their fieldtrip.

Part III - Fieldtrip Experience (4 Hours)

Students meet city educators at Bloedel Donovan Park to collect a water sample from Lake Whatcom . Together we travel to the drinking Water Treatment Plant where students "treat" their sample while touring the facility. Students will also learn about water conservation techniques, wastewater treatment, and stormwater pollution and prevention

Part IV - Classroom Presentation Preparation

Student groups watch the video "Lost in Puget Sound" and prepare small group presentations about local stormwater pollutants such as oil and gas, fertilizer, pesticides, pet waste, phosphorus, sediment, litter, and soap.

Part IV - Post Trip Classroom Visit (1 hour)

Students present their stormwater pollution information to city educators. When finished, they become Drain Rangers, learning simple steps to prevent stormwater pollution. They receive a Drain Ranger certificate to remind them of their pledge to keep our waterways clean. The class will review results from the Water Use Worksheet and learn how to use less water at home. Students receive a shower timer to help them achieve their water conservation goals.


Journals, worksheets, game cards posters, and more.

More Information

Contact the Public Works Natural Resources Division.

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