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City of Bellingham, WA
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BTV10 Live Broadcast

Start TimeProgramDescriptionLength
2:00 PMThe Exploration of Northwest Coast Indian Artwith Bill Holm48 minutes
3:00 PMBook Lust with Nancy PearlHaroon Ullah30 minutes
4:00 PMPetWatchWhatcom Humane Society30 minutes
4:30 PMWestern WindowUniversity Stories30 minutes
5:00 PMPetroglyphs: Imaging the PastPreserving Stone Carving30 minutes
5:30 PMThe Folkloristwith John Horrigan30 minutes
7:00 PMWhatcom County Council MeetingFrom September 30, 2014145 minutes
11:00 PMPetWatchWhatcom Humane Society30 minutes
11:30 PMThe Folkloristwith John Horrigan30 minutes
Note: Public service and other announcements air in between scheduled programs.
Full program schedule (PDF)
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