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BTV10 Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I view BTV10?

BTV10 can be viewed on cable television in the greater Bellingham/Whatcom County area as well as via the internet.

Comcast Cable TV Channel 10 in greater Bellingham  

BTV10 is viewable in the greater Bellingham area where ever cable television services from Comcast Cable are available. BTV10 is on Comcast Channel 10.  

Residents and businesses with Comcast Cable television services in Whatcom County can also view BTV10 on Channel 10, unless another community or government jurisdiction provides access programming

Live on City website

BTV10 also can be viewed on the City website. BTV10 programming is available 24/7 to anyone with a computer and high speed internet access. Online viewers see exactly what Comcast Cable customers see on Channel 10, without the need for cable television service.

How can I get something aired on BTV10?

BTV10 airs programs that are sponsored by publicly funded government and education institutions, in order to meet our mission of providing information about the City of Bellingham and other public agencies to the greater Bellingham community. Most sponsoring agencies are located in the Bellingham area; however some material is provided by Washington State and Federal government agencies.

If you are aware of a program that you believe falls within the above criteria, and would like to discuss potential broadcast, please contact the City’s Communication Manager in the Office of the Mayor.

Does BTV10 provide information to viewers about community events?

If your organization is a publicly funded, government or education institution we can post information about upcoming meetings or events on our Community Bulletin Board which airs several times each day. Simply send pertinent information in an email (Who, What, Where, When) to Its best to send the information several weeks before the event is scheduled to take place. If you have a question about whether or not your organization fits into the "publicly funded, government or education institution" category, please call the City's Communication Manager in the Office of the Mayor.

How should I format PowerPoint Presentations for TV?

If you are designing a PowerPoint presentation for use on TV please use the link below to our guidelines. Because of the technical differences between TV and computer screens PowerPoint for TV must be designed differently than for computer monitors or projectors. The following rules will assist you in creating a TV-friendly presentation:

Who Operates BTV10?

The City of Bellingham operates BTV10. BTV10 is operated by staff in the Information Technology Department. The City’s Communication Manager in the Office of the Mayor provides direction with regard to content selection and programming.

What is the City doing to improve channel 10?

During the past few years we have continued to improve the quality and reliability of our television broadcast. We replaced some older equipment and systems, reviewed content and schedules, and prepared a more contemporary and user-friendly format for the delivery of information on Channel 10. Improvements also include creating this website and on-line program schedule.

M 7/27/2015

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