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2010 Essence of Bellingham Photo Competition Results

Fairhaven Morning by Ken Salzman

The 2010 Essence of Bellingham Photo Competition results are in! Thanks to all who participated in capturing, sharing, and preserving the essence of Bellingham. The winning entries will be on display at an upcoming Gallery Walk as well as on Bellingham TV Channel 10. Best of show and class winners will be presented certificates at the Jun 21st City Council meeting starting at 7 p.m.

Best of Show

Fairhaven Morning by Ken Salzman
1st Place

"Fairhaven Morning" by Ken Salzman (Amateur)

Jury Statement
There is much to treasure about this photograph: the quality of the light, the unique angle on a Bellingham landmark, the peaceful "foggy-morning" feeling, the yellow flash of color on the sailboat, and so much more. This photograph combines many elements essential to a quality image. The scene feels very "Northwest," with soft light, trees in the mist and the land meeting the sea, the posts marching along in rhythm. As you look longer more details emerge: birds on top of building, the gentle ripple of the water that still allows for reflection. A Bellingham day begins.

Memorial Park by Mike Leenhouts
2nd Place
"Memorial Park" by Mike Leenhouts (Professional)

Jury Statement
We can hear the leaves crunching under foot in this fall photograph of Memorial Park. Not everyone has visited this park and this photograph makes us want to; for those who have, the camera angle forces us to look at the scene in a different way. The angle communicates a heroic, monumental sense, appropriate for a place to honor and remember. The image has rich details and extraordinary colors, the leaves complementing the hints of gold in the sign. The row of benches draws us in deeper and again this scene is illuminated with that lovely Northwest light.

Youth by Ashley Hollender
3rd Place
"Youth" by Ashley Hollender (College)

Jury Statement
We know this little boy is smiling, even if we can’t see his face. This photograph is alive with images in each segment: the boy in the foreground, the ripples and reflected colors in the middle, and other people, trees and sky in the background. And all are displayed on an amazing palate of colors, lively and crisp even though it is after sunset. This photo reminds us why we live here, with rich natural experiences like playing in the water so easy to do. Relationship between the people in this image is implied - they may not be together but they are together in community in this moment.

Best of Class

Bellingham Wall by Elijah Forslof
K-4th Grade
"Bellingham Wall" by Elijah Forslof

Dedication of The Porch by Joshua Lingbloom
5-8th Grade

"Dedication of The Porch" by Joshua Lingbloom

Contradictions by Evan Sobjack
9-12th Grade
"Contradictions" by Evan Sobjack

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