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Adopt a Trail and Park Stewards

Volunteer Digging

Adopt a Trail

The Adopt-A-Trail Program involves interested organizations, individuals, and neighborhood groups who care for their "own" section of trail or restoration site. You can also donate materials, equipment, time, and funds to carry out Parks & Recreation Dept. plans for your site. You may adopt a favorite site or the Volunteer Coordinator can suggest a trail needing your TLC.  


Your group may sign up for any or all of these duties. Several groups may adopt-a-trail by sharing duties.

Routine Work:

Work Done as Needed:


The Volunteer Coordinator trains your organization in safe techniques for accomplishing Adopt-A-Trail duties and works with your group to get you started. To solve trail problems, the Volunteer Coordinator maintains contact with your group's spokesperson.


Groups provide their own tools when possible, but the Volunteer Coordinator will loan hand tools to your group. The city will provide trash bags and pickup of collected garbage. The Parks Volunteer Program delivers trees, shrubs, mulch, gravel, and other materials. You donate the labor. Your work on the trail is the most important contribution you can make.

Park Stewards

Park Stewards are motivated individuals or organizations willing to dedicate time and effort to establishing and/or caring for ornamental plant beds, gardens, natural areas and restoration areas within the city park system.

Garden clubs, service clubs, neighborhood associations, business owners, individuals, dog owners or clubs, church groups, or other community groups can adopt a favorite area in a neighborhood park, or we can direct you to an area that needs some special attention.

Examples of Park Steward sites:

We take care to match you to a site that meets your needs.

For more information, contact the Parks Volunteer Coordinator in the Park Operations Division.

Map of Adopt a Trail and Park Stewards

Volunteers are all over Bellingham!  See who's volunteering around you and find areas that still need adopting.

Applications for Adopt a Trail and Park Stewards

Take the first step towards personally helping to improve natural areas in Bellingham; fill out an application now.

Greenways Program

Confused about the Greenways Program?  Take a moment to learn about this wonderful program and why it is important.

Information about Wetland Mitigation

Learn about how the City of Bellingham works to protect and improve wetlands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why do I need a contract?

A:  Our contracts allow citizens to volunteer on City property.  Contracs also ensure that both volunteers and the City of Bellingham understand their duties.

Q:  How will Bellingham Parks & Recreation support me with my adopted area?

A:  Bags for litter and weeds will be provided by the Bellingham Parks Volunteer Program.  Once your bags are filled, you can call the Parks Department to arrange a pick up.  Annually, the Parks Volunteer Coordinator will review your work completed and help provide feedback.

Q:  Can I adopt the trail or park by my house?

A:  Yes.

Q:  What do I do with the weeds/litter I collect at my site?

A:  Call or email the Parks Volunteer Coordinator to arrange a pick up.  Typically, we can pick up weeds or litter within 2 business days.

Q:  When do I need to report my hours?

A:  Anytime.  Hours can be emailed, phoned, mailed or dropped off at the Park Operations Office.  We request hours twice a year, at the end of June and December.  Reminders are sent out in July and January.

Q:  How can I learn more about environmental stewardship, including plant identification?

A:  Check out our educational resources on environmental stewardship here.

Q:  I am interested in becoming a park steward or trail adopter.  Where am I needed the most?

A:  Check out our map which lists where current volunteers are working, or give us a call at 360-778-7105.




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