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Countywide Housing Affordability Taskforce

Kulshan CLT Project


Early in 2007, Bellingham Mayor Tim Douglas and County Executive Pete Kremen appointed a Countywide Housing Affordability Taskforce (CHAT) to develop and present action strategies and programs to address the anticipated need for 11,000 additional housing units by the year 2022 that are affordable to household earning 80% or less of the county median income. After more than 40 meetings, the 12 member Task Force presented their recommendations late in 2008.

CHAT Recommendations   

The following goals, not listed in rank order, are actions that the Task Force felt were fundamental to the success of housing solutions and should be implemented as soon as possible.

CHAT Final Report

Progress on CHAT Recommendations

The following is a summary of city actions relating to the CHAT recommendations:

Contact the Community Development Division for more information.

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