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Housing Authorities Board of Commissioners


To provide quality, affordable housing for low and moderate income families, elderly households, and persons with disabilities through innovative resource development and responsible stewardship of our housing and fiscal resources


The Housing Authority is a corporate public body, which exercises essential governmental functions, among which are the following:

The Housing Authority may employ technical experts, agents, and employees, including legal assistance as it requires, and delegate powers to these individuals as it deems necessary.

The Housing Authority has developed a variety of low-income housing complexes serving various income levels. Inventory includes 542 elderly or disabled units and 670 family units. Housing assistance is given to 900 other households.

Typical Decisions

The Board of Commissioners is responsible for setting policies such as the Leasing and Occupancy Policy which establishes rules and procedures for tenants living in the housing complexes. The Board also makes annual budget decisions. They adopt resolutions to approve purchases and disposition of real property and also determine how funds are to be invested and/or spent.

Time Requirements

Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at 3 p.m. at the Administrative Office at 208 Unity Street or in different locations around the county. These meetings last approximately two to three hours. Time spent outside of meetings is approximately two to four hours a month.


The combined Board of the Bellingham and Whatcom County Housing Authorities consists of five members, all of which are concurrently appointed by the Mayor of the City of Bellingham and Whatcom County government. Of these, three members are named by the Mayor. Terms of office are five years. No member shall be an officer or employee of the City. Commissioners receive no compensation for their service on the Authority but are entitled to expenses incurred in the discharge of their duties. No member may have a direct or indirect interest in any housing project, contract for materials, or services having a connection with any housing project. If an interest is present, the member must disclose this fact in writing to the Authority.

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