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City of Bellingham, WA
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Energy Task Force

Power Lines by Melinee Fischer


This limited-term task force, Energy Resource Scarcity/Peak Oil (Energy Task Force) examined the energy vulnerabilities of local economic, social and environmental infrastructures and recommended appropriate changes to ensure that those infrastructures are resilient in the face of shifting energy markets.

Charge to the Task Force

The Energy Task Force, a limited-duration, self-managed work group, expected to complete the following work:


The Energy Taskforce included 18 members selected jointly by the Mayor of Bellingham and the Whatcom County Executive, representing a broad range of government, community and business interests. Members had a general knowledge of energy scarcity issues as well as a more specific understanding of issues in at least one of the following areas: land use and transportation, food and agriculture, public and social services (including public education, health, social services, utilities and public safety), economic transition (including retail, manufacturing, service, tourism), energy and water, and community education and preparation.

Additional Materials

M 7/20/2015

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