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Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Facilities Planning Process

Post Pont Clarifier

Every day, people in Bellingham wash dishes, shower, brush teeth, and flush sending between 8 and 72 million gallons of wastewater mixed with some stormwater, through a complex system of pipes and pumps to the Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

What arrives in the wastewater (called load) is as important as the quantity (or flow). Some days the amount of solid and dissolved, organic material or Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) reaches or exceeds the rated capacity of the plant. Biochemical Oxygen Demand Graph (PDF)

Treated wastewater entering Bellingham Bay from our plant consistently meets or exceeds all state and federal standards designed to protect public health and the environment. However, as the plant reaches capacity for both "load" and "flow", we must make improvements to be able to continue to meet wastewater requirements and serve our community safely and effectively in the future.

The Comprehensive Sewer Plan, adopted by Council in 2009, provides the framework for the facilities expansion planning process. Two peer review workshops provided extensive discussion and comment on both plan development and implementation. The process provides opportunities for City Council and the community to provide feedback and learn about recommendations and next steps. The City Council provided direction to staff throughout the process.

The Facilities Planning Report was published in October 2011. The Draft Facilities Planning Report was published in February 2011.

Council Presentations and Briefings

Community Involvement, Permit Applications, GC/CM

More Information

Contact Freeman Anthony, P.E., Project Engineer, at the Public Works Administration and Engineering Office, 778-7900.



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