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City of Bellingham, WA
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Post Point Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction Updates


Construction Updates 2014

Construction Updates 2013

Construction Updates 2012

Construction Hotline Number

Contractor and Engineer Profiles

Mortenson Construction and Corollo Engineers work with city staff  to finalize the design and manage the construction.

Construction Photos

Pre-diggind ASB #1 Clearing Clearing ASB #1 Clearing ASB #4 Clearing ASB #4 Clearing ASB #4 Excavaion Clarifier Excavation Sheet Pile Installation ASB 4 Clarifier #4 Excavation  Placing Gravel at ASB 4 Placing Gravel at ASB 4 Ground Improvement Piles ASB 1 Excavate Clarifier 4 Installing Test Pile ASB 4 Overview of ASB 1 and 4 Installing Rebar Auger-cas Pile Loggon Mitigation Excavation Setting up Test Piles ASB 4 Pumping Concrete for lower slab ASB 1 Slab Preparation ASB 1 Lagoon Breaking Through to Lagoon Drain Pipes ASB 1 Placing Concrete for Odor Control Lagoon Planting Pumping Concrete for Lower Slab at ASB 1 Pumping Concret for Lower Slab ASB 1 Test Pile Clarifier 4 Rebar going into into ASB 4 54 inch pipe Installiong Rebar on wall of ASB1 Auger Cast Piles Wall Pour ASB #1 ASB #4 Auger-Cast Piles Clarifier View from 4th Street in October Splitter Box Wall Pour Lower ASB 1 Backfilled Forming Lower Slab in ASB 1 Upper Slab ASB 1 Lagoon Lagoon Clarifier 4 Lagoon at High Tide Lagoon at High Tide Lagoon Planting ASB 1 Wall Rebar ASB4 Slab REbar Upper Slab ASB1 ASB Flow Splitter Box ASB 1 Slab Forms Clarifier 4 48" Pipe Pumper Truck ASB 1 Secondary Clarifier Slab REbar East Wall ASB 1 Final concrete wall pour ASB 1 Placing 72" pipe Clarifier #4 walls

May 2013

30" RAS pipe ASB 1 ASB 1 north side ASB 1 Roof Forms ASB 1 Roof Rebar ASB 1 south side ASB 4 ASB 4 ASB 4 north wall ASB4 Rebar ASB 4 wall Blower Building footprint Inside ASB 4 Secondary Clarifier May 2013 Secondary Clarifier Splitter Box Setting  wall panel ASB 1 Standing Panels for Blower Building SW corner ASB 1 ASB 4 Concrete Deck Work

June 2013

72 Inch Pipe Joint 72" pipe wall connection ASB 1 Decks View from 4th Street June 2013 Hydro Test PEPS Pump Secondarly Effluent Pump Under the Decks Wall Pour Pipe Conncection PEPS Pump 3 Filling ASB 4

July 2013

ASB 2/3 Wall Pour Placing Selector ASB 2-3 Box ASB 2-3 Box with Pipe New 72" pipe in place Setting the 48" pipe July Aireal Photo Bypass Bypass work Concrete Collar on 72" pipe

August 2013

Backfill ASB 1 Demo Peps Mechanical Work ASB1 Piping Secondary Effluent SE Line SE Pipe SE Pipe Removal Primary Effluent Pump

More Information

Contact Freeman Anthony, P.E., Project Engineer, at the Public Works Administration and Engineering Office, 778-7900.



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