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Water Treatment Plant Pretreatment

Water Treatment Plant

Project Overview: EW-0180

This project examines the water system pretreatment element and assesses the condition of, and possibly recommends improvements to, critical water system infrastructure assets including the screen house, tunnel, industrial pipeline, and chlorination system.

In 2011, the Filter-Clogging Algae Mitigation Evaluation was completed. The final report noted that even completely protected and secured water sources require some level of pretreatment. A pretreatment system was recommended as a basic element of the water treatment plant. Specifically, a dissolved air flotation (DAF) pretreatment system was recommended as the best and most sustainable solution to manage treatment of raw water from Lake Whatcom.

The project consists of two phases. Phase 1 includes site analysis and condition assessment of current infrastructure and is slated for completion by October 1, 2014. Phase 2 develops the design and specifications and construction of various selected project elements. Phase 2 may begin in the spring of 2015 with construction to begin in 2016. Possible DAF sites

The DAF pretreatment system will complement the existing long term strategy for watershed protection.  While the use of DAF pretreatment is on the leading edge of treatment technology and well-known and well used technology in Europe and the United States, this project will be one of first applications in Washington State.

Update - March 2014

Accomplishments: Phase 1, pre-design, underway.

Next Milestones: Investigative phase and site analysis, assessment of infrastructure to be completed by Oct. 1, 2014.

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Project Manager

Bob Bandarra, Superintendent Plant Operations
Phone:  (360) 778-7700
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