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James/ Bakerview Intersection Improvements


Project Overview: ES-0473

The existing intersection of James St. and Bakerview Road will either be widened to accommodate dedicated left-turn lanes on James Street with enough storage capacity for future traffic volume forecasts or will be reconstructed as one multimodal roundabout to improve safety, efficiency, and access for all transportation modes, including freight.

Due to significant delay, poor level of service, lengthy vehicle queues, and lack of physical storage space for left-turning vehicles from James to Bakerview, the intersection presents safety concerns. The intersection has a significant collision history with 15 documented vehicle collisions from 2009 through 2010, the dates for which collision data is available. As development continues and traffic volumes increase, intersection level of service and delay will continue to degrade with the potential for increased risk of traffic collisions.

Update - November 2014

Accomplishments: Project was included and approved with the 2014 six-year TIP.  Design reached the 30% level. On Nov. 21, the city received notification this project was awarded Transportation Improvement Board funds.

Next Milestones:  Continue design to the 60% level.

Affected Neighborhoods

King Mountain

Project Manager

Craig Mueller, P.E.
Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 778-7922
Email Public Works

Project Details

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