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City of Bellingham, WA
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Meador/Kansas/Ellis segment of Whatcom Creek Trail

Vicinity Map

Project Overview: ES-0413

This project will provide on-street pedestrian facilities between Meador Avenue and Ellis Street inPreconstructioncluding a pedestrian bridge over Whatcom Creek on Meador Ave. Right-of-way and narrow Whatcom Creek bridges create challenges, but bicycle facilities will be included where physically possible. This project will provide the final on-street connection for the long-planned Whatcom Creek Trail system between Lake Whatcom and Bellingham.

Several low impact development strategies will be used for stormwater facilities and pavement options.  The City worked in collaboration with the Bellingham Housing Authority to recycle 400 old toilets by grinding them into sidewalk concrete aggregate, coined "Poticrete". The City will document sustainability best practices used throughout the project and apply for Greenroads Certificaiton. Read more at the article or University of Washington (PDF).

Update - November 2011

Accomplishments: Final inspection held on 11/7/11. Punchlist completed and project is ready for closeout.

Next Milestones: Final closeout.

Affected Neighborhoods


Project Manager

Freeman Anthony, P.E.
Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 778-7900
Email Public Works

Project Details

Construction Photographs

Poticrete grinding Poticrete grinding Poticrete grinding Poticrete Grinding Catch Basin Stormwater Swale Stormwater Swale Stormwater Swale Lighting Trench Recycled Concrete Recycled Concrete Sidewalk Patching Patching Sidewalk Sidewalk Sidewalk Meador Bridge Meador Bridge  Street Light Condiut Foot Bridge Installation Foot Bridge Installation Foot Bridge Installation Foot Bridge Installation Foot Bridge Installation Poticrete Installation Installing Poticrete Paving Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony  Ceremony Potti seat Ceremony Speakers Mayor Pike Pedestrian Bridge Cutting the Ribbon Restoration Landscaping Bicycles use the trail Mayor Pike and MC

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