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City of Bellingham, WA
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Federal Building 1917

Federal Building 1917

Project Overview: EF-0068

The Federal Building, located at the corner of Magnolia Street and Cornwall Avenue, is listed on the Washington Heritage Register and the National Register of Historic Places. The building was built in 1913 and purchased by the City of Bellingham for $1 in 2004 from the Federal General Services Administration. Part of the purchase included a federal grant in the amount of $2.6M that funded an Historic Preservation Plan for the building and phase one of these improvements. The work includes installation of a larger, code-compliant elevator, fire safety upgrades and renovation of existing radiators, bathroom fixtures, windows and screens. The historic elevator shaft - cage - will be exposed, refinished and left as an aesthetic and historic feature.

Status - October 2010

Accomplishments: Project is substantially complete. Held building services final inspection.

Next Milestones: Complete punch list and closeout.

Affected Neighborhoods

Central Business District

Project Manager

Ravyn Whitewolf, P.E. Engineering Manager
Phone: (360) 778-7900
Email Public Works

Project Details

Construction Photographs

Jessie Vachon, elevator operator in the Federal Building for 37 years Entrance blocked when high winds blows tiles off of roof Window restoration and repair Attic structural support Inside new elevator shaft

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