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2008-2009 Sewer Replacement Program 

2008-2009 Sewer Placement Program

Project Overview: EU-0140

2008-2009 Sewer Replacement Program - Pre-ConstructionThe 2008-2009 Sewer Replacement project consists of the replacement of the 1958 concrete and 1914 vitrified clay sewer main on Lincoln Street from Lakeway Drive to the I-5 overpass. The design includes lowering the sewer line at York Street such that a future sewer line can be installed under Lincoln Creek to Moore Street. Replacement of aging sewer lines also addresses issues related to inflow and infiltration (I&I). This would allow existing services that are currently pumped under the creek to be removed some time in the future. The project also includes the replacement of two private sewer laterals that are located in City alley rights-of- way. These are located between Franklin and Grant Street north of Edwards Street and between Indian Street and Jersey Street north of Myrtle Street. This is in response to previous Council direction to replace all qualified private sewer laterals as part of our sewer replacement program (per Resolution 2008-36).

Status - December 2009

Accomplishments: Sewer installation and road restoration on Lincoln Street complete.

Next Milestones: Closeout.

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Project Manager

Freeman Anthony
Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 778-7900
Email Public Works

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Sewer replacement excavation

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