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City of Bellingham, WA
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2009 Neighborhood Traffic Calming

ES-0427 Project Vicinity Map

Project Overview: ES-0427

Speed Table on St. Paul Street at the Railroad Trail2009 Neighborhood Traffic Calming is the annual program to introduce traffic calming measures for increased safety for motorized and non-motorized traffic. Areas are prioritized based on citizen input, accident and vehicle counts. This year's project includes two trail crossings, one located on Pacific St where the railroad trail crosses the streets and the other is located Broadway where the old village trail terminates before Elizabeth Park. The Pacific St location was included in the 2008 program, but was not completed due to lack of funding.  The purpose of the projects is to improve pedestrian safety and slow down traffic.

Status - July 2009

Accomplishments: Construction is complete.

Next Milestones: Closeout

Affected Neighborhoods

Lettered Streets, Columbia, Roosevelt

Project Manager

Freeman Anthony, P.E.
Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 778-7900
Email Public Works

Project Details

Construction Photographs

Excavating for watermain.  Excavating for watermain.

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