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Central Basin Sewer Inflow and Infiltration Projects

Central Basin Vicinity map

Project Overview: EU-0154

The 2009 Comprehensive Sewer Plan identifies the need for broad inflow (surface water entering the sewer system) and infiltration (groundwater) reduction efforts. The Central Basin Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Project is designed as a pilot project to study I&I contributions and evaluate techniques and cost for rehabilitation of the sewer system. The rehabilitation will consist of replacing and relining sewer mains and individual sewer service laterals by trenchless methods. Trenchless rehabilitation will minimize digging and trenching disturbances.

The Central Basin (Sunnyland) Project area was identified due to the high amounts of I&I in the sewer basin, a significant number of sewer mains in the basin already identified for replacement, and large amounts of I&I from private laterals. The project would reduce I&I by replacing sewer mains, repairing manholes, and replacing private laterals.

Update - December 2013

Accomplishments:  All 20 city blocks within the project area have been completed. Project included replacement of sewer mains and sewer services to participating properties as part of an inflow and infiltration reduction pilot project. Project complete as of 12/16/2013. Final amount: $2,943,305.37.

Next Milestones:  Project substantially complete.

Affected Neighborhoods


Project Manager

Craig Mueller, P.E.
Project Engineer
Phone: (360) 778-7922
Email Public Works

Project Details

Construction Photographs

Side Sewer Video  Video Side Sewers Sewer Replacement Side Sewer Welding Pipe Welding Pipe Trench Box Manhole

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