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City of Bellingham, WA
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Police Traffic Unit

The primary purpose of the unit is to reduce traffic accidents and make our community as safe a place to drive, ride a bike and walk as possible. The unit utilizes the 3 E's of Traffic Safety, Engineering, Education and then Enforcement.

The Traffic Unit is comprised of 6 officers and their Sergeant that handle the traffic issues and complaints that come into the police department.

They are the primary responders when available to automobile crashes and handle the department's main focus on traffic violations such as speeding, failing to stop at Red lights and Stop signs, occupant safety violations (seat belts and child restraints) and equipment violations such as no front license plates, no mud or splash guards, broken windshields, non-working signals and lights. As result they make most of the arrests for driver who are not licensed and have no insurance.

They also are the Major Crash Investigation Team utilizing the Terrestrial Total Station to map crash scenes as well as major crimes scenes.

Officers are required to complete an 80 hour Police motorcycle riding course and train once a month on their riding skills and must qualify in these skill sets once a year. The officers all have additional training in crash investigation (up to 400 additional hours of training) , Crime Scene Mapping and Drawing (up to 90 additional hours of training) with refresher training being held each year in each aspect of their work.

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