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City of Bellingham, WA
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Planning & Community Development Major Projects

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Key Initiatives

Planning & Community Development Key Initiatives for 2015 - The Department strives to provide vision and leadership within the context of innovative, high quality, equitable and efficient services which encompass and reflects community values.


Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance Update: The 1995 ADU Ordinance requires review of the existing regulations upon issuance of the 200th ADU permit or before any specific neighborhood exceeds 20 ADUs. This update intends to analyze the current regulations and to recommend possible changes that will ensure implementation of the comprehensive plan, efficient use of land and clear and consistent review processes.

Comprehensive Plan / Urban Growth Area Update: The Comprehensive Plan is a goal and policy document that guides the physical development of the city. It provides the framework for land use decisions that ultimately determine where and how the city will accommodate the forecasted population and employment growth. The State Growth Management Act (GMA) requires the City to periodically update the plan.

Critical Areas Ordinance Update: During this process, staff will review, clarify and revise certain regulations, definitions and reporting requirements. In addition, the proposed amendments intend to incorporate Federal and State guidance pertaining to wetland ratings and reporting information.

Implementing a Rental Registration and Inspection Program: The City has adopted a program to help ensure that all rental housing in the City meets specific minimum life safety and fire safety standards. This program will require the registration and inspection of most non-transient rental properties within the City.

Subdivision Ordinance Update: The City's subdivision code will be updated to reflect the goals and visions of the Comprehensive Plan, ensures efficient use of land, and provide clear and consistent review processes.

M 8/13/2015

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