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Woodstock Farm


Woodstock Farm


2004 purchase of a critical 16-acre tract in the south Chuckanut Bay Greenway, connecting 23 acres of public land around Teddy Bear Cove Park with over 155 public acres lying around the mouth of Chuckanut Creek. Along with the headlands and tidelands the buildings of the estate and the boathouse were also acquired.


Greenway Levy: $2,900,000


For the next two years, while planning, assessments, and fundraising continue, the Farm’s parking areas, buildings, and lower meadows will only be open for work parties, research, and landscape restoration activities that involve protection of the site’s resources and improvement of the site for ultimate public use and wildlife habitat. A meeting, retreat, and social events facility, somewhat like a “wild Roeder Home” oriented to resource stewardship and Gates’ record of public service and open space preservation, is now being discussed by an informal Friends of Woodstock group. Site planning will begin in 2006.

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