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Boulevard Park to Cornwall Avenue Over-Water Walkway


Public access to the waterfront and enjoyment of the stunning waterfront views of Bellingham Bay from our parks and trails system are part of what makes Bellingham such a wonderful place to live and visit.

To fulfill the public's desire for more waterfront access and facilities, Bellingham Parks & Recreation hired a consultant to complete a feasibility report for a new over-water walkway extending from the north end of Boulevard Park to the Bellingham Center Waterfront (former GP site). The feasibility report was completed in 2008.

Bellingham Parks & Recreation is now working with an engineering and environmental consulting firm specializing in waterfront structures to complete the design and permitting phase of the project.


Greenway Levy III - Waterfront Redevelopment:  $4M

Federal Enhancement Grant for Over-Water Walkway:  $2.139M

Real Estate Excise Tax for Over-Water Walkway Design:  $150,000

Park Impact Fees:  $600,000


The over-water walkway is in the design and permitting stage. Environmental permits for the walkway were initially submitted June 14, 2010. The city is currently coordinating permit approval with the US Coast Guard bridge permit department.

Construction is being coordinated with the South State Street Manufactured Gas Plant cleanup site (located at the south end of the walkway) and the Cornwall Landfill cleanup site (located at the north end of the walkway). Construction of the walkway is expected to begin in the summer of 2017.

The City has obtained a Shoreline Conditional Use Permit, SEPA MDNS decision, and National Historic Preservation Act concurrence. All other permits are pending review and approval.

Reports and Permits


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