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Hearing Examiner Meeting Materials

The Office of the Hearing Examiner serves to provide fair and impartial quasi-judicial proceedings in which the public is encouraged to participate. The Hearing Examiner conducts six different types of proceedings: Land Use Application Decisions, Departmental Appeals, Public Works Variances, Impounded Vehicle Hearings, Forfeiture Hearings and Humane Society Appeals. Typically, land us matters are scheduled on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers. All other matters are scheduled as-needed. 

Documents relating to any scheduled matter can be found below in format or in the Hearing Examiner's Office at City Hall.  

April 2014

April 9 - Conditional Use Permit, South Hill

April 9 - Variance from side-yard setback - Utter Street

April 9 - Setback variance - Electric Ave.

April 9 - Randhawa Short Plat

April 9 - Plat Alteration - Edgemoor Manor

April 9 - PW Variance from sewer connection

March 2014

March 12 - Conditional Use Permit

March 12 - Variance from street frontage on Telegraph Rd.

February 2014

February 12 - Lot Line Adjustment and Variance

February 12 - KCLT Subdivision

February 12 - Public Works variance - Maple St.

February 12 - Public Works variance - street frontage on Orleans

January 2014

January 8 - Variance to a front-yard setback

November 2013

November 6 - Conditional Use Permit - expand non-conforming use

November 13 - Subdivision Variance

October 2013

October 23 - Street Vacations - four applications

October 21 - PW Variance - street improvements

October 9 - Conditional Use Permit  - addition to existing structure

September 2013

September 25 - Conditional Use Permit - pet crematory.

September 25 - Variance from front yard setback - single family residence.

September 11 - Student Housing Planned Development, Multi-family Design Review, Critical Areas and Variance request of Ambling University Development Group regarding 4413 Consolidation Avenue (aka University Ridge).

August 2013

August 9 - Variance - Street improvements and construction standards to subject property in the 800 Block of Bennett Avenue.

August 7 - Variance - Consideration of side yard setback requirements to convert an existing carport to bedroom.

August 7 - Variance - Consideration to relocate the required five-foot landscaping between a parking area and property line to another location of the property.

July 2013

July 24 - Subdivision - King Mountain Preliminary Plat

July 10 - Variance - Variance request for front-yard setback to build an accessory building, carport and 3 parking spaces

June 2013

June 26 - Subdivision - Consideration of a preliminary cluster plat consisting of 20 single-family detached lots

May 2013

May 22 - Variance - Request to enclose an existing carport and reduce front yard setback at 114 Park Place

May 8 - Variance from CAO - Request to allow replacement and development of a new on-site septic system at Woodstock Farm.

May 8 - Variance from CAO - Request to reduce a Category 1 wetland buffer from 150' to approximately 55' in order to construct a single-family home

May 8 - Subdivison Variance - Request for relief from Condition #2 of the 12/31/13 preliminary approval letter.

March 2013

March 18 - Public Works Variance - Request for variance of requirement to extend both street and sewer along the frontage of vacant property

March 13 - Variance - Request for variance from front yard setback requirements to construct storage shed and covered patio

March 13 - Variance - Request for variance from lot width requirements in order to short plat property

February 2013

February 20 - Public Works Appeal - Request for appeal of a requirement to extend the street along the frontage of the property

February 13 - Land Use - Short subdivision of an approximately 9,882 sq. ft. parcel into 2 lots

2012 and prior year Agendas

2012 and prior year Case Decisions

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