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City Council selects long-term goals and strategies

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The Bellingham City Council adopted a vision statement that identifies long-term goals and strategies to reach those goals, as the first steps in the City's new strategic planning and performance measure system.

The system approved by City Council has as its basis a set of twenty- to fifty-year goals, or "legacy statements," that are supported by six- to twenty-year "strategic commitments."

After seeking public feedback in a variety of ways, Council adopted City of Bellingham Legacies and Strategic Commitments (PDF). These high-level policy statements are intended to be visionary, reflecting the priority and emphasis of city government programs and services.

Legacy Statements

The legacy statements adopted by City Council include the following:

"We are working today so future generations will benefit from..."

Next steps in this three-year project include aligning these goals with expenditures and collecting community and City government measurement data.  This will help City leaders and the community tell if the City is meeting its commitments and achieving its goals.

Performance Measures Project

The Bellingham City Council established as a priority in 2009 that the administration develop a city-wide performance measurement system to increase alignment between long-range strategic goals, department and program budgets and work plans, and employee work plans and performance reviews.

City staff initiated the Performance Measures Project in January 2009. After staff review of a number of programs adopted by other cities across the nation, in March 2009 the City Council approved staff's recommendation to use a system similar to that used by King County, which is based on Association of Government Accountants (AGA) best practices.

Using this system, City officials have initiated a multi-year project that will result, by 2011, in City programs and work plans that are aligned with high-level policy goals, and structured to improve and communicate performance and project effectiveness.

More information about City effort

Preparing the City for Improved Performance Reporting: Presentation to Bellingham City Council, May 19 2009

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